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Making Friends One Postcard At A Time

One of my favourite things in the world is snail mail. I really enjoy writing letters and having a pen pal is a fun way to make friends as well as learn about another culture. I found a website: that lets people exchange real postcards with one another. I explain it in further detail in the video, but it’s a free service that lets people that like snail mail to connect with others


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Enjoy Weekends: Stayed up to think of you



If you ever lay awake disturbed about your future, stressed out because you don’t know where you’re going or how you’re going to get there, remember someone is glad that you’re simply around today. Wouldn’t it be nice, when you start stressing out about tomorrow, if instead you just gave thanks to everyone who was willing to be part of your today?

It’s nice to think about all the ways others are nice to you. From simple texts that ask “how are you?” to cookies that represent someone was thinking about you, you matter to people. Enjoy your days, and be grateful to those who want to be part of them.

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February 16th  Weekend Tune

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Review: Pubstone Pub Calgary


There are places in my city that I often walk by without ever considering to enter. Local pubs are among these places. I don’t drink so I don’t have too many reasons to go to a pub. However, pubs do often have great food, so when my friend suggested we go to the Pubstone Pub in NE Calgary, I thought “why not.” I’d finally walk into a place I usually walk past.

Well, maybe I should have kept walking by.

I mentioned that some pubs have delectable dishes that make going there a nice change from restaurants, Pubstone is not one of those pubs. Here are some thing I did not like place.

1. Bland food. The food at Pubstone is greasy and tasteless. I ordered the Ciao Bella pizza and the crust was awful! It’s possibly one of the worst crusts I have had. It was like eating stale old bread, that was at the same time overly chewy. The sauce was salty but the toppings themselves wouldn’t have been so bad if the crust was decent.
My friend ordered a pasta dish, and he complained that his kid brother could do a better job. I had to agree with him because it was greasy and tasteless. The only thing good about his meal was the garlic toast.

2. Wrong order. I ordered the Ciao Bella pizza which was supposed to be topped with pepperoni, red peppers, green peppers, onions and mozzarella. The pizza that came out had sausage, ham and onions. If the place had been packed, I could maybe understand a mix up, but we were the only ones there besides an old man who was drinking, not eating, and four guys who  were playing pool, also not eating. It also took forever for our wrong order to come.

3. Horrible service. The waitress was nice but a complete airhead. Not only did she not take our order down right, she took forever to bring us something as simple as water. She kept going on about how she wanted her boyfriend to come and take her home, while she flirted with the guys playing pool. When it was time to pay, she stood at another table swearing and complaining about her boyfriend forgetting about us. And that was what really annoyed me about her, she seemed to forget about each of her customers, except the four guys who just happened to be friends with her boyfriend…who she couldn’t stand. I had never met a more scatterbrained waitress. She was friendly, but she should not be a waitress, especially since she was complaining to anyone who would listen that she hated her job.

What I liked

The only nice thing I have to say about Pubstone is that it was clean. It’s also spacious.

The poor quality food and service does not warrant a second visit from me and I don’t recommend it to anyone else either.

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A friend indeed

My friend Amy is sweetness personified. She gives great meaning to the word friendship. On days when I forget that people can be kind and loving, I remember her. Do you have someone like that? Someone who gives hope to humanity? Amy is the kind of friend I wanted for a long time, someone who wasn’t just fun to be around, but made me feel as though they my presence was needed to.

Whenever a friend of mine travels, I always joke that they should pack me in their suitcase. In a way Amy did. When she came back with unexpected gift, I felt I had touched the Hawaiian sands with her. I live vicariously through my friends. I love hearing their tales and adventures about what they saw, did, and who they met, not just when they travel but in their day to day life.

These days, it’s hard to make real friends. I sometimes will stumble across ads or blogposts where people are both openly and discreetly asking for a friend. It makes my heart ache. Friendship can be a real life saver. I know there are numerous people who wouldn’t have made it to where they are, or even chosen to stay alive if it weren’t for their friends. Yet, despite the fact that we all need one, it’s not so easy to find that kindred spirit, and if you do it often feels short lived.

Perhaps people have been let down so many times they no longer care to put in the effort to make friends. Or they don’t really know what being a friend actually entails. If you have a friend, cherish them. They aren’t as easy to come by these days. But to have one, just one person you can talk to, laugh with and be yourself around is true blessing.