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Review: Maria’s Market in Calgary

vanillacake1 I’m not the biggest meat eater, so I don’t go to the deli very often. This is why having friends is a good thing; they can get you to do things that you don’t normally do. When my friend and I decided to grab a bite to eat she suggested Maria’s Market, which is a deli shop. Well, to be honest it was me that said I had never been there and that I wondered what they sold. She then said we should try it out. Maria’s Market is a small deli shop, but it’s packed with a variety of different items–including dessert! Now I’ll admit I don’t have a sweet tooth, but I love dessert. While my friend browsed the meat counter, I salivated at the desserts…of which there were plenty.


Maria’s Market also makes dishes such as perogies, cabbage rolls, chicken stew, and other dishes that customers can either purchase to go or eat in the shop. There were a number of people having an early lunch when we got there. I found the prices to be fair. Not overly pricey, but not a huge bargain either. But when I stop to think about how everything there (except some of the prepackaged chocolates and snacks) is handmade from scratch with raw ingredients the prices are very reasonable. It is a bit of a mini market. People were coming in and out, purchasing everything from yogurt to sausages. The most impressive thing about the eatery was the service. The lovely ladies who worked there patiently tended to each and every customer, no matter how crowded it was. They talked to me about all the desserts; how they make them and ingredients they use. It was obvious they had a passion for their work and establishment, which made the whole shopping experience a real pleasure.

After browsing, I settled on a soft pretzel (no pic sorry) which was very delicious, and a vanilla cake. The vanilla cake was exactly the way the shop lady described–a pudding type texture with a flaky top and a smooth vanilla taste. At first I didn’t really like it, but once I let it chill a bit more in the fridge it was scrumptious.

The only complaint I have about Maria’s Market is that a lot of their desserts contain nuts–an ingredient I’m allergic to. There were a number of desserts and even snacks that I would have loved to try, but they were loaded with nuts or were made with a nut oil. Other than that, it’s a place I plan to go back to.



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