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Friendship is the best medicine


There is healing power in friendship and the remedy works both ways. When we give our love our hearts grow, like lilies on the edge of riverbanks. To be the receiver of kindness and caring helps you to forget the pain that you’re enduring. My dear friends spoil me in both sickness and health, and my friend Diksha gives me medicine that comes in the form of thoughtfulness and compassion. When she came to visit me, beautiful sunny yellow lilies came along with her. “I just want to make you smile,” she says. How can I not. She has so much love in her and she generously shares it with me. No pill can cure the ache the way her empathy can. I feel blessed to have people like her in my life and grateful that they allow me to also give my friendship as a means to ease their pain.

Sometimes when we see our friends suffering we feel a kind of frustration and sadness that is the result of not knowing what to do for them. How can I help? We ask ourselves and them. But your friendship is enough. It may not cure them or heal their broken heart but it is a powerful painkiller. Simply being there for someone and letting them know you truly care for them is all that is required in most cases. Sharing laughter, making memories and being a source of love has taken both me and my friends out of some very dark days. Encouragement, understanding, and thoughtfulness are among the many benefits of friendship and why people are able to overcome adversity and succeed.

Alas, not everyone as someone they can turn to when they are in need. Thus if you ever need a friend, get in touch with me…@ladyadelaide

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