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Sushi Showdown


Edo-Kami platter, Supestore– Salmon rolls, Safeway– Dynamite rolls

It’s late Sunday afternoon and my sister and I are craving sushi. We don’t want to wait around in a restaurant, so we decide to grab an already made bento. Trouble is, we couldn’t decide where. This is what led us to the sushi showdown. We decided to compare the pre-made sushi’s from 3 different locations: Edo, Superstore and Safeway. Who won?…Let’s break it down.

Price: Superstore’s (the one in the middle) was the cheapest at $6.99. Safeway’s was  over 7 dollars and Edo came in at over $10

Presentation: With the sushi falling off the rice, Edo comes in last. Safeway didn’t have my mouth watering with their presentation, which left Superstore’s sushi bento as the winner.

Taste: Even though Edo is considered fast food, their sushi was surprisingly fresh. In fact, the spicy tuna was comparable to ones I’ve had in sushi restaurants. The California roll was also quite good, and I usually dislike them. Coming in second was Superstore. Though not as fresh as Edo, it didn’t hinder the taste. Safeway came in dead last. The rice was dry, the roll just had no life to it. I’ve had sushi from Safeway before, and while I won’t give it praise for being delicious, it’s never been quite so bad.

Despite being a little more in price, the next time I’m craving sushi I’ll opt for Edo.


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