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Florals in Fall

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower
-Albert Camus

The quote above always makes me smile for it perfectly describes one of the reasons why I love autumn so much. The wild colors of orange, yellow, and red practically blooming from the trees is just another reminder of natures magnificence. But here in Calgary this beauty does not last long. By November, the leaves lay shriveled and brown under pedestrian feet. I mourn. And in my grief I find myself turning to florals. There is no rule that says florals are strictly for spring. In fact, I find them more appealing in late autumn, or even the dead of winter, when one wants to add a touch of romantic aesthetic to their outfit in order to cheer themselves up. The flowers will bloom again, but while I’m waiting I will be a walking garden. Below are three outfits featuring floral themed tops.

Floral T


Floral Sweater


floral and leather

Some more lovely options from Click the pic to be taken to the website



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