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Eating in Calgary: Garage Burger

It was big, flavorful and affordable. I’m talking about the bacon cheddar burger from Garage in Eau Clair. If you are ever in Calgary or if you live in the city you should check out this place.


It was probably one of the best fast food burgers I’ve ever had. Garage is located in the food court of Eau Clair market. I’ve seen it dozens of times but never actually tried their food. Famished and craving a burger I decide that it was finally time to give the place a try.

It took about five minuets for my meal to be prepared but it was worth the wait. The burger and fries were delicious. My only gripe was the mustard. It was good, but it was a little too much.

The burger comes fully loaded, so it’s quite a mouthful. It taste like a gourmet burger but with a fast food price.

The fries were also very tasty, crispy on the outside, soft potato on the inside and seasoned just right.

I highly recommend checking out the place.


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Three Post Genoa Sofa Review

Any of my friends who plan to visit me will be very excited about this post because it means they will no longer have to sit on the floor. I finally committed to a sofa.

For 3 months I’ve been sitting on a dinky little chair but when I saw this couch on I knew that little chair would be replaced.

I bought this sofa on sale. Originally it’s priced at around $989. Wayfair offers free shipping if you spend over $75, however because most of their couches require at least a little assembly I decided to simply pay for their assembly package. Thus my total for this sofa came to a little over $800.


Now had I known that all one needs to do with this sofa is put on the back legs I would have saved myself the extra $50 for assembly. Also keep in mind that wayfair charges more for different upholstery. This one is the slate color and costs $100 more than the brown. But even with the extra fees I still ended up saving over $100 on this purchase. How do I feel about the sofa now that it’s here?


Genoa is a classic sofa that is great quality for the price. Majority of the other sofas I considered were over $1000 (usually on sale) and did not have the same glowing reviews as this couch. This is a sold piece of furniture that I’m sure I will have for a while.

One of the things that drew me to the Genoa sofa from Three Post is the wood trim at the bottom. It gives the couch a unique yet homey touch. The shape of the sofa itself is very stylish with its curved arms and back.

A few other things I like about this sofa are as follows:

The back cushions are attached. At first I thought this would be a con but it’s actually a pro since the cushy back cushions don’t need fluffing thus helping this sofa to be low maintenance.

The seat cushions can be removed but are attached with velcro which helps them to stay in place. No slipping and sliding.

It is comfortable. Although the seat cushions are firm, they are comfortable. The back cushions offer great support so one can sit for hours and read or watch tv. It’s also a great couch to take a nap on. I’m 5’7 and can easily stretch out on it. The height is also perfect. Not too low for someone of my height, but not too high either for my some of my shorter friends.

Great for small spaces. If you’re looking for a sofa that will fit a small space but is still feels roomy then consider this one. It doesn’t take much space in my small apartment but it big enough to comfortably sit three people


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NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil Review

This is one product that I’m always going to have on hand. I first heard about it when I was researching items to buy from the French pharmacies in France. At first I didn’t know the benefits of Nuxe’s dry oil. All I knew was that it made my hair shiny and moisturized my skin without leaving a greasy residue. Dry oil is able to achieve this simply because it has much fewer ingredients. Serums and lotions can actually clog your pores or leave your skin feeling weighted with all the added ingredients.

Dry oil is best used right after the shower when your skin is still damp and retain an ample an amount of moisture.

Nuxe huile prodigieuse dry oil is multipurpose. I put in my hair before styling and use it as a moisturizer. I also use it to help out lose dry patches on the skin. It has a lovely scent so I sometimes use it just for it’s fragrance.

It usually runs for about $30 but a little is all you need to get the effects so it tends to last.I had mine for a year after my trip to France.

If you’re looking for an alternative to heavy lotions check out Nuxe’s multipurpose dry oil.

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Sushi Showdown


Edo-Kami platter, Supestore– Salmon rolls, Safeway– Dynamite rolls

It’s late Sunday afternoon and my sister and I are craving sushi. We don’t want to wait around in a restaurant, so we decide to grab an already made bento. Trouble is, we couldn’t decide where. This is what led us to the sushi showdown. We decided to compare the pre-made sushi’s from 3 different locations: Edo, Superstore and Safeway. Who won?…Let’s break it down.

Price: Superstore’s (the one in the middle) was the cheapest at $6.99. Safeway’s was  over 7 dollars and Edo came in at over $10

Presentation: With the sushi falling off the rice, Edo comes in last. Safeway didn’t have my mouth watering with their presentation, which left Superstore’s sushi bento as the winner.

Taste: Even though Edo is considered fast food, their sushi was surprisingly fresh. In fact, the spicy tuna was comparable to ones I’ve had in sushi restaurants. The California roll was also quite good, and I usually dislike them. Coming in second was Superstore. Though not as fresh as Edo, it didn’t hinder the taste. Safeway came in dead last. The rice was dry, the roll just had no life to it. I’ve had sushi from Safeway before, and while I won’t give it praise for being delicious, it’s never been quite so bad.

Despite being a little more in price, the next time I’m craving sushi I’ll opt for Edo.


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The Oolong Tea House


We sip tea through bouts of laughter. Amy and I are like that–always full of giggles. We’re also both a bit indecisive but who can blame us when the Oolong tea house has so many options. It’s a popular place to go for people who don’t like going to popular places. Yes, that sounds pretentious but it’s sort of how it is. On an rainy Thursday, we find it quiet, with only a few students as well as Amy and I. It’s not always in this state. Sometimes, it’s bustling. While they do serve other beverages, it draws in tea drinkers and on some occasions, hot chocolate sippers. After some deliberation, Amy and I settle on our tea of choice and settle into conversation.


Mine was supposed to be a caramel matte, but the black tea leaves overpowered whatever caramel was lurking in the pot. Prices can vary, depending on the class of tea, with some as high as 8 dollars for a little pot of tea. Although I was hungry, the oolong doesn’t off much when it comes to actual food. They did have a sandwich that looked somewhat tempting. But the 6 dollar price tag for a little sandwich didn’t seem appetizing. So I resolved myself to my tea.


Tea cups and pots line a shelf next to me and my eye catches a lovely black and floral one. I’m not at all surprised that Amy finds it charming as well, as we have similar taste. We begin browsing through the tea house for merchandise, but our indecisiveness helps keep our money in our pockets. We sip, we laugh, and we get lost in atmosphere of the Oolong teahouse.


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Azami Kimchee Noodle Cup/ Bowl Review


Has it really been a month since my last post? Forgive me, I’ve been dealing with a messy thing called life. But in keeping with my resolution to review everything I have another review for you. A cold I’ve been battling sent me into superstore for a some soupy relief. I find kimchi noodle bowls do wonders for colds. However, the usual brand I buy wasn’t available, so I opted for Azami’s kimchee instant noodle bowl instead. Below is my review.

Price: At 50 cents I can’t complain. My grocery store was having a sale (which is one of the reasons I went for it), but even at the regular 69 cents, it’s still cheaper than my usual brand.

Size: I hate when they have large noodle soup cups but only a little noodles inside. Please don’t try to fool me into thinking I’m getting more quantity for my money. To be fair, the amount of noodle soup inside is the same as any noodle cup but the packaging makes it seem as if you may be getting more. I feel the company could save on packaging and use smaller cups.

Taste: I’m breaking this into two categories 1) noodles 2) soup mix. The noodles were actually not bad. Better than some noodle cups I’ve had in the past that cost more. I won’t say they were my favorite, or that they could replace my usual brand, but they were tasty. Like most noodle bowls though, they got soggy very quickly. The soup mix was not as spicy as I would like, but I did like that they had some veggies in with the mix. The overall flavor is spicy and flavorful. It’s not too salty, which is also nice. It has a relatively good kimchi flavor to it.

Overall: I would buy Azumi Kimchi flavored instant noodle cup again. I may not choose it over my usual brand, but on sale, or if I’m desperate for a quick meal, I would certainly opt for it.

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Review: Maria’s Market in Calgary

vanillacake1 I’m not the biggest meat eater, so I don’t go to the deli very often. This is why having friends is a good thing; they can get you to do things that you don’t normally do. When my friend and I decided to grab a bite to eat she suggested Maria’s Market, which is a deli shop. Well, to be honest it was me that said I had never been there and that I wondered what they sold. She then said we should try it out. Maria’s Market is a small deli shop, but it’s packed with a variety of different items–including dessert! Now I’ll admit I don’t have a sweet tooth, but I love dessert. While my friend browsed the meat counter, I salivated at the desserts…of which there were plenty.


Maria’s Market also makes dishes such as perogies, cabbage rolls, chicken stew, and other dishes that customers can either purchase to go or eat in the shop. There were a number of people having an early lunch when we got there. I found the prices to be fair. Not overly pricey, but not a huge bargain either. But when I stop to think about how everything there (except some of the prepackaged chocolates and snacks) is handmade from scratch with raw ingredients the prices are very reasonable. It is a bit of a mini market. People were coming in and out, purchasing everything from yogurt to sausages. The most impressive thing about the eatery was the service. The lovely ladies who worked there patiently tended to each and every customer, no matter how crowded it was. They talked to me about all the desserts; how they make them and ingredients they use. It was obvious they had a passion for their work and establishment, which made the whole shopping experience a real pleasure.

After browsing, I settled on a soft pretzel (no pic sorry) which was very delicious, and a vanilla cake. The vanilla cake was exactly the way the shop lady described–a pudding type texture with a flaky top and a smooth vanilla taste. At first I didn’t really like it, but once I let it chill a bit more in the fridge it was scrumptious.

The only complaint I have about Maria’s Market is that a lot of their desserts contain nuts–an ingredient I’m allergic to. There were a number of desserts and even snacks that I would have loved to try, but they were loaded with nuts or were made with a nut oil. Other than that, it’s a place I plan to go back to.

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Review: Pubstone Pub Calgary


There are places in my city that I often walk by without ever considering to enter. Local pubs are among these places. I don’t drink so I don’t have too many reasons to go to a pub. However, pubs do often have great food, so when my friend suggested we go to the Pubstone Pub in NE Calgary, I thought “why not.” I’d finally walk into a place I usually walk past.

Well, maybe I should have kept walking by.

I mentioned that some pubs have delectable dishes that make going there a nice change from restaurants, Pubstone is not one of those pubs. Here are some thing I did not like place.

1. Bland food. The food at Pubstone is greasy and tasteless. I ordered the Ciao Bella pizza and the crust was awful! It’s possibly one of the worst crusts I have had. It was like eating stale old bread, that was at the same time overly chewy. The sauce was salty but the toppings themselves wouldn’t have been so bad if the crust was decent.
My friend ordered a pasta dish, and he complained that his kid brother could do a better job. I had to agree with him because it was greasy and tasteless. The only thing good about his meal was the garlic toast.

2. Wrong order. I ordered the Ciao Bella pizza which was supposed to be topped with pepperoni, red peppers, green peppers, onions and mozzarella. The pizza that came out had sausage, ham and onions. If the place had been packed, I could maybe understand a mix up, but we were the only ones there besides an old man who was drinking, not eating, and four guys who  were playing pool, also not eating. It also took forever for our wrong order to come.

3. Horrible service. The waitress was nice but a complete airhead. Not only did she not take our order down right, she took forever to bring us something as simple as water. She kept going on about how she wanted her boyfriend to come and take her home, while she flirted with the guys playing pool. When it was time to pay, she stood at another table swearing and complaining about her boyfriend forgetting about us. And that was what really annoyed me about her, she seemed to forget about each of her customers, except the four guys who just happened to be friends with her boyfriend…who she couldn’t stand. I had never met a more scatterbrained waitress. She was friendly, but she should not be a waitress, especially since she was complaining to anyone who would listen that she hated her job.

What I liked

The only nice thing I have to say about Pubstone is that it was clean. It’s also spacious.

The poor quality food and service does not warrant a second visit from me and I don’t recommend it to anyone else either.