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One who love you

On a late autumn afternoon, ducks swim out of the Bow River in Calgary to pose for me. They disrupt my read begging for attention. I can’t help but to give them what they want. They waddle around me, or rather strut. They see my camera and model themselves gracefully as possible. ‘Am I not as beautiful as the dancing leaves twirling around you’ is what their eyes, which fixate on me, seem to say. They are.

It is a day of splendor. An autumn romance is blooming. It is between me and nature. We seem to be falling for each other. We can’t keep away from each other. The leaves dash down from the trees the way one runs to their lover after a long absence. The sun kisses my cheeks, my hair, my everywhere. The smell of the earth is perfume, musky and deep, and presses itself into my skin.

The ducks begin to flock to me, quacking and flapping. They are not shy; they are not coy. Their excitement draws the attention of onlookers. They seem to be a third wheel like when you tag along on your best friend’s date.

On this autumn day, everything is beautiful. Sometimes you just need a day to absorb the world around you. You will see that the wind, the trees, the animals they are falling, falling for you.

Song: One Who Love You by Alvvays

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The Oolong Tea House


We sip tea through bouts of laughter. Amy and I are like that–always full of giggles. We’re also both a bit indecisive but who can blame us when the Oolong tea house has so many options. It’s a popular place to go for people who don’t like going to popular places. Yes, that sounds pretentious but it’s sort of how it is. On an rainy Thursday, we find it quiet, with only a few students as well as Amy and I. It’s not always in this state. Sometimes, it’s bustling. While they do serve other beverages, it draws in tea drinkers and on some occasions, hot chocolate sippers. After some deliberation, Amy and I settle on our tea of choice and settle into conversation.


Mine was supposed to be a caramel matte, but the black tea leaves overpowered whatever caramel was lurking in the pot. Prices can vary, depending on the class of tea, with some as high as 8 dollars for a little pot of tea. Although I was hungry, the oolong doesn’t off much when it comes to actual food. They did have a sandwich that looked somewhat tempting. But the 6 dollar price tag for a little sandwich didn’t seem appetizing. So I resolved myself to my tea.


Tea cups and pots line a shelf next to me and my eye catches a lovely black and floral one. I’m not at all surprised that Amy finds it charming as well, as we have similar taste. We begin browsing through the tea house for merchandise, but our indecisiveness helps keep our money in our pockets. We sip, we laugh, and we get lost in atmosphere of the Oolong teahouse.